1996 – Aussie Car Loans commenced operations.

1999 – Commenced lead generation strategies using the internet.

2000 – Expanded with the appointment of the first licensee in Newcastle, followed by a licensee in Victoria.

2001 – Advantage Aussie Pty Ltd (Joe Martinovic and Julian Cavanagh) is appointed as Queensland Licensee.

2003 – Advantage Aussie Pty Ltd is appointed as the licensee for Western Australia, Northern Territory & South Australia, in addition to Queensland.

2005 – Joe Martinovic and Julian Cavanagh take up a shareholding in Aussie Car Loans.

2008 – Aussie Car Loans concentrates on an expansion using internet campaigns and on maintaining Search Engine Optimisation of the websites.

2010 – Joe Martinovic and Julian Cavanagh take a majority shareholding in Aussie Car Loans.

2011 – Aussie Car Loans looks to provide service through a new distribution network, with a number of branded branches.

2012 – Aussie Car Loans launches new logos and websites.

2014 – Aussie Car Loans continues to strive for the best customer experience, with some with a stronger and more efficient processing centre.

2015 – Aussie Car Loans websites are refreshed with a new look.

2017  – Automotive Financial Services procures Aussie Car Loans.