Top Car Manufacturers in Australia



Mazda builds exceptional quality vehicles and recently introduced new-generation SKYACTIV engines with outstanding economy in both petrol and diesel.



Ford offers some outstanding vehicles to Australian buyers - notably the Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta. Unfortunately the Falcon has become something of a dinosaur in recent years, and the Territory urgently needs an upgrade for contemporary relevance.



Mitsubishi Australia has earned a reputation for delivering vehicles tailored to the country's unique terrain and lifestyle. From robust SUVs to efficient sedans, their lineup resonates with adventure-seekers and urban commuters alike. Moreover, the brand's dedication to sustainability shines through its innovative electric and hybrid offerings, contributing to a greener automotive future Down Under. Anchored in quality, reliability, and a deep understanding of local preferences, Mitsubishi remains an integral part of the nation's automotive landscape.



Toyota is Australia's number-one car maker. Incredibly, one in every five vehicles sold in Australia is a Toyota. Build quality is exceptionally good, but on pure excitement value, the Toyota fleet leaves a little to be desired - except perhaps for the brilliant Toyota 86 sports car.



Holden: A trusted brand delivering reliable and innovative vehicles for over a century, seamlessly blending performance and comfort for an exceptional driving experience.



Hyundai's success story has transcended borders, showcasing remarkable progress in both Australia and on a global scale. Their latest vehicle lineup, featuring models such as the Veloster, i30, i40, and Santa Fe, stands as a testament to their excellence. However, certain older designs like the Accent and i20 may not shine as brightly. Hyundai's additional appeal comes in the form of an impressive five-year warranty offer.



Subaru has achieved notable success by effectively marketing a key engineering innovation – their symmetrical all-wheel-drive – to Australian consumers. While their recent models might not boast the most eye-catching aesthetics on the road, the quality of their foundational engineering remains top-notch.



From sleek sedans to versatile SUVs, Kia offers a diverse lineup tailored to modern lifestyles. With cutting-edge technology, efficient engines, and a reputation for reliability, Kia stands as a brand committed to delivering a remarkable driving experience. 



Explore the world of Nissan, where innovation meets exceptional design. Nissan's lineup of vehicles, including versatile SUVs, efficient sedans, and rugged trucks, is designed to cater to every driver's needs. With a focus on advanced technology, safety features, and a legacy of reliability, Nissan offers a driving experience that's second to none. 



From the legendary Wrangler to the versatile Grand Cherokee, Jeep offers a range of vehicles built to conquer any terrain. With rugged capabilities, advanced technology, and a heritage of exploration, Jeep is the ultimate choice for those seeking excitement and freedom on and off the road. 

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