The Classic Car Dream

Are you looking for an old classic, vintage muscle car or even something more unique?

At Aussie Car Loans, we live up to our name by providing car finance for any type of vehicle and this includes classic cars, vintage cars, muscle cars as well as vehicles that have been restored or imported.

A classic or vintage car is often a large investment. As such, the buyers of these unique vehicles put in countless hours of research and have done their due diligence with regards to the history and the condition of the vehicle.

With all of the research and groundwork already done, it can be very frustrating to be denied a loan or be informed that a classic car is outside of a lender's criteria. A personal loan is generally the only option to finance a classic car in this case. This means the loan is unsecured and attracts a high interest rate on the loan amount.

That is where we come in.

We give you direct access to a reputed lender who deals with classic and vintage cars. This means low-interest rates, responsible and reliable lending ethics and fast approvals. Aussie Car Loans can help you with the entire classic car finance process whether you are buying from a private seller, through an auction or importing from overseas.

Classic Cars As An Investment

Classic cars are currently hot property in Australia among vintage collectors, car enthusiasts, and even other long-term investors. Specific models and makes are skyrocketing in prices and if you’re set on making a serious buck, a classic car could be worth investing in.

We have financed many classic cars that were purchased with the intention of using them as an investment.

If you are looking to invest in a classic car, talk to us on 1300 889 669 or apply below.

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What Is A Classic Car Loan

A classic car loan is a loan product which is essentially the same as a secured loan for a vehicle. The difference is that the vehicle being used as security is older than 7 year limit of most secured car loans. When is vehicle is older than 7 years generally the only finance option is a unsecured personal loan.

Loan Term

After your classic car loan has been approved, Aussie Car Loans will organise the finance for your purchase, which can then be repaid over a period of up to 5 years (7 years on special request).


Loan repayments for classic and vintage cars can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Payments can be made via internet banking, direct debit, direct payroll deductions, BPAY, or other payment methods where applicable. Try our easy to use car finance calculator now to get an indicative look at what your repayments will be.

Classic Car Insurance

As a requirement of loan contract you will need to have comprehensive insurance on the classic car you are purchasing. We can finance the insurance of your vehicle if you would like however the vehicle must be comprehensively insured before you take delivery of it.

Classic Car Interest Rates

The interest rate for classic car finance can vary depending on a number of variables:

  1. The loan amount.
  2. Whether you own or are buying a property.
  3. Your credit score.
  4. Your loan deposit.

There may be other details which affect your interest rate. If you would like to get a better idea of what your interest rate will be give us a call to discuss.

Apply For A Classic Car Loan

If you are looking to want to buy or invest in a classic car, we can help you get started with the lowest possible interest rates.

We can provide finance no matter what the age of the vehicle is. Our loans are customised for your needs and your financial situation and are generally approved quickly. Have peace of mind knowing you'll get a fixed rate for the life of your loan!

Call now on 1300 889 669 or fill out our online application form:

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Classic Cars For Sale

  • Classic & Sport Car: A classic car (and sports car) website with over 2000 classic cars for sale.
  • Autotrader: Hundreds of classic cars for sale here.
  • Just Cars: Over 2,500 classic cars from 1948 - 1986 for sale.
  • Trade Unique Cars: Over 1,500 unique cars for sale including a large number of classic cars from the 60s & 70s.
  • eBay Collector Car Category: Suprisingly eBay has a few hundred collector cars for sale which include classic cars from the 1940s - 1980s.
  • Car Sales Unique Cars Category: Over 1,400 classic cars for sale from 1920 - 1990.
  • Dutton Garage: A premium retailer of classic, collectable and rare cars. They are able use their international network to source and purchase classic cars from all around the world.

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