If you are self-employed or run a small business, it’s likely that you’re unable to meet the up to date financial documentation requirements that are necessary to secure a car loan to meet your needs and objectives.

If that’s the case, then Aussie Car Loans’ low doc car finance may be just the thing for you.

Generally, our lender requires two years of personal and business tax returns to support your application and this is often not possible at the time you wish to apply for the finance.

Fast Track Business Low Doc Loan Criteria

To qualify as a Fast Track Business or Commercial Loan customer, you/your company need to meet the following criteria:

  • Companies/Self Employed applicants must have held an ABN for a minimum of 2 years.
  • You are an asset-backed homeowner or mortgagor.
  • You have a clean Equifax Credit Report.
  • Your Credit Report has been established for a minimum of 2 years.
  • If you are renting, we will consider your application if can provide a 20% deposit.
  • Established good credit is preferred.
  • Passenger vehicles, light commercials and trucks only.
  • Companies/Self Employed applicants must be registered for GST a minimum of 3 months.
  • No financials required but this is subject to an individual application.

At Aussie Car Loans, our lender of low doc car loans has more flexible documentation and income verification requirements allowing you to avoid unnecessary “red tape” and onerous documentation requirements.

Use our car finance calculator for a guide on your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments or for more information on a low doc car loan contact us now on 1300 889 669 or

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All About Low Doc Business Loans

A Low Doc car loan is exactly as the name suggests - it is a loan type where the loan applicant is not necessarily required to provide a pile of documents to verify their income.

This is especially useful for anyone that is self-employed or who works on a contract basis as a freelancer and is unable to produce regular payslips as proof of income.

How Is Low Doc Loan Eligibility Assessed?

Your credit history and the length of time you have been operating your business will be used to assess your eligibility. You may also be required to supply a letter from your accountant to support your application.

Features Of A Low Doc Loan

Low Doc Car Loans must be secured. For your security deposit, you can generally use an asset such as your car or your house as collateral.

You are allowed to use the vehicle for both personal and business purposes if required and the application is quick and easy, requiring much less documentation than a standard business loan.

Be Careful

In some cases, the ease of attaining a low doc loan can encourage borrowers to overdraw and apply to borrow more money than they can afford to repay.

For this reason, it is important that you ensure that you borrow within your means and you can meet the contracted repayment schedule.

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