Valentine’s Day has a reputation from the ends of many spectrums. From the gooey-eyed romantics to the bitter cynics and even the incredibly cheesy.

Many a car manufacturer over the years has tried to cash in on cheesy advertising, while others have tried for romance and just found themselves back at cheesy anyway.

With Valentine’s Day coming up we thought we’d share some of our favourite cheesy car ads with you.

We love puns and dad jokes, they’re perfect for long road trips. So we couldn’t go past this cheesy Daihatsu people mover ad.


Volvo likes to think it’s not about getting a date, but the love you have for your very first car. Or at least your first Volvo.

Reading Mr Steven Wolff’s account of walking into the dealership for snow chains and locking eyes with a Volvo GT, you can almost hear the romantic music cut in as everything starts to happen in slow motion.

“Falling in love with a Volvo is not unusual. It happens everyday…”

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MG Midget

For those who don’t have plans on Valentine’s Day the MG Midget promises that “lots of girls will be relaxing in your new, thick contoured seats.”

While the car comes with plenty of extra features and the description drops in quite a few euphemisms.

Though they still had to add the disclaimer “The girl you’ll have to get for yourself.”


Love Bug

This was the classically romantic (and cheesy) ad that first got our attention.

‘The Love Bug, Limited Edition’ was actually a car model brought out by VW. It came in two “romantic colours”; described as “luscious lime green”, and “red hot red”.

If the name “Love Bug”sounds familiar, it’s because the car model was inspired by the Herbie movies; ‘The Love Bug‘ 1969 and ‘Herbie Rides Again‘ 1974.

It seems it was such a good concept that Mini revisited the ad style.


Somewhat ahead of the times, this old Buick ad tells the story of a man with a fancy car trying to woo an attractive woman with his new car, only to find  she also drives the same car.

“Listen mister!” said the farmer’s daughter. “Where you been? We’ve two Buicks in the garage. Want to race to town?”

It seems the romance theme has been used for car advertising for about as long as they’ve been advertising cars.

The last two ads below are from the early 1900s and clearly point out that cars are meant to be enjoyed by at least two.

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