Whether it’s car trouble, a spontaneous picnic or you’ve got an important business meeting and you don’t want to get wet… this list of 11 things that you should always have on hand in your car will help you out in most situations!

1. Owners Manual – this will help you with everything from changing a tyre to what oil to use where.

2. Bottle of Water – for keeping hydrated and also great for washing your hands if you’ve got dirty under the bonnet.

3. First Aid Kit and Manual – you can find these prepacked at a chemist and they can come in handy onsite of a car accident or even on a trip to the beach.


4. Torch – many people carry these on their keyring but a good heavy duty one can help you take a look under your bonnet or to flag down roadside assistance.

5. Duct Tape – Seriously, what can’t this miracle tape do?

6. WD-40 – This can help you get out of a jam – literally. Use this to loosen any bolts or screws that won’t come loose.


7. Swiss Army Knife / Multi-tool – these gadgets are fantastic for fixing anything on the fly and most come with screwdriver, mini saw, bottle opener and scissors.

8. Raincoat / Poncho / Umbrella – These three things are useful in an emergency or when you just want to stay dry on your way to work.

9. Sunscreen / Hat – These can come in use if you’re stuck roadside for hours.

10. Blanket – Useful for cold nights and spontaneous picnics.

11. License