Are we there yet?  It’s a familiar cry heard by parents as children bellow from the back seat of the car on a long journey.  And it’s a common thought for parents on how to keep the children entertained before they get to the end of a journey, whether it’s a holiday or visiting family. And it’s not a bad way for adults to entertain themselves, maybe adapting slightly the emphasis of the game.

DVD, MP3 players and iPhones have helped alleviate the boredom factor, but at the expense of good old fashioned fun and interaction with adults and children alike. There’s something about the confines of a car’s interior that can bring the occupants together.

1. I-Spy

Favourite games can’t go past that of I-Spy especially when the objects being looked at can become a little obtuse such as ‘I Spy something beginning with Z’.

2. The Number Plate Game

Another favourite is the simple number plate game looking out for all cars with a number plate going from A to Z.  Another variation is if you have adults versus the children with one going from Z to A.  It’s a good way to get the younger ones to practise reverse alphabet.  The game gets to be a bit frantic in busy city and town centres with constant cries from the backseat as a multitude of vehicles go whizzing by making the game pretty quick to complete.  Motorways and highways bring little opportunity bar from passing vehicles and thus prolong the game.

3. The Alphabet Memory Game

A variant on the number plate game is to start from A and say a word beginning with A with the next person doing the same for B…until you reach Z when that person has to recite all the letters and words to win the game.

4. The Number Plate Acronym Game

Another fun version on the number plate game is to make acronyms from the letters and numbers on number plates. So ‘DGA 549’ becomes ‘Doug Gets Apples’ or ‘AWF 459’ becomes ‘Always Walk Fast’ or ‘Arthur Was Famous’. There is no real winner except maybe the person who makes everyone laugh the most.

5. Last Letter, First Letter Title Game

Reciting film, song or book titles is a good way to entertain older children with the last letter of the movie or song becoming the first letter of the next one. It can be even better if it’s a song and you have to sing it aloud.

6. Car Trip Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are popular with children so why not one in the car?  Before the trip write a list of items they have to find such as a dog, give way sign, man in a hat, baby, newsagent, Q in a number plate and a yellow car.

7. Single Word Story Game

Creating a story word by word can be a fun and creative way to break the monotony of a longer trip, often with hilarious results.

8. Geography, History and Biology Lesson

Not technically a game but taking the time to talk to older kids about the countryside and the towns that you are driving through can be a really rewarding way to wile away the trip. Telling your kids about how you’re driving through a particular type of forest or rock formation; or maybe talking about your own experiences in the particular area or any local history can be a great way to teach your kids something that has a practical application.

9. Place Name Story Telling

Again this is one for the older kids but also might work well with younger imaginative minds too. As you drive through certain areas ask the kids to make up stories to explain how that particular place got it’s name. This can be a lot of fun and can result in some very creative thinking and is helping kids develop their language skills.

10. Counting Games

One for the littler ones who are developing their counting skills is a simple “count the [insert item]. Here are some creative items to count:

  • cars that are yellow, red, green etc
  • certain types of motor vehicles like utes, VW Beetles, motorbikes, trucks etc.
  • animals like birds or cattle depending on where you’re driving
  • how many traffic lights, give way signs or stop signs you drive through

Long trips with children – and sometimes just the adults – can be really enjoyable… it just needs a bit of imagination …

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Photo Credit: Tatters @ Flickr