Aussie Car Loans you can most definitely help you get pre approved for a car loan so you can shop around with confidence. The only thing you’ll need to tell us what type of vehicle you’re intending to purchase.

It’s a great idea to obtain a pre approved car loan as it allows for more bargaining power on the showroom floor.

All The Benefits At Zero Cost

With a pre approved loan, you already know your spending limits and you can shop with confidence knowing that you have fast access to your loan.

You can avoid the hassle of waiting for a loan approval which will in turn maximise your bargaining power.

And the best part of all…Getting a pre-approved loan won’t cost you a cent but it can make purchasing your new assets a whole lot easier.

How to get a pre approved car loan

As we’ve mentioned, it costs you nothing the get pre approved. You can also purchase a new or used vehicle and still get pre approved for car finance.

You will need to have an idea of the vehicle you are looking to purchase and how much the current market value is for that type of vehicle. We will need to assess the total amount of finance required against the current market value of the vehicle.

Once you have the above information you can either call us 1300 889 669 to discuss you car loan pre approval or apply for pre approval using our car loan application form.