We’ve all seen life hacks around the web – those ingenious little tricks some people have come up with, using simple fixes to solve common problems.

Check out our collection of car hacks. Watch the video and scroll down to uncover ways to help clean, protect and improve your car.

Other Car Life Hacks

GPS – Many drivers still think buying a GPS is a waste of money and a bit of a lazy shortcut. So what?! A GPS will save you money on fuel as it finds the shortest possible route wherever you need to go. You’ll also be less likely to get lost/more likely to arrive on time.

Storage – Hanging a shoe organiser over the back of the passenger seat provides a great storage option for long drives by yourself. All you have to do is reach back for sunglasses, wallet, water bottles, phone, tissues or whatever else you need to be able to grab without looking. It’s also pretty handy if you have kids in the back seat.

Bogged – If you’re ever bogged and don’t have any sandbags for traction you can use your car floor mats. You may need to


Extend your remote – You won’t believe this one, but pressing the end of your car’s remote to the underside of your chin actually extends the remote’s range by a couple of car lengths. That’s right, your big ol’ noggin works as a conductor for the remote’s signal. That’s using your head.

Which side for fuel – Driving an unfamiliar car? Look at the fuel gauge to see which side of the pump has a small triangle displayed. This represents which side of the car the fuel tank is on, so you can pull up to the correct side at the petrol station.

Hot steering wheel – On a hot day, if you don’t have a windscreen shade, turn your steering wheel 180 degrees after you park. This way the top doesn’t burn your hands when you come back to the car.


Hot car – You can get rid of a lot of hot air from your car quickly by rolling down one window, going to the other side of the car and opening and shutting the door a few times.

Heat scented – Cars collect odours which seem to get worse on hot days. Place a scented candle somewhere in your car (in a container with an open top). On hot days the wax will soften and even melt, releasing its fragrance to counter your car’s smells.

Carsick – Probably more of a problem for passengers than the driver, but if you’re feeling car sick tilt your head to the side. It helps make the queasy feeling go away.

Avoid poop – If you have trouble with birds leaving their mark on your car, leave a toy, rubber snake on the roof. Birds will think it’s real and avoid your car.

Avoid fines – When driving on the motorway keep an eye on the big 18 wheeler trucks. They talk to each other by radio, alerting other truckies about speed cameras, traffic jams and other road issues.

Emergency – If you’re stuck or have been in an accident where there is no phone reception you can still call 000.

Sometimes, no amount of car hacks will make your car enjoyable. If it’s time to upgrade your car talk to us about competitive car finance, or simply apply online today to get things moving.