Whether you’ve spotted cars out and about with little cameras in the windscreen or you’ve seen the multitude of YouTube footage of terrible drivers, you’re probably aware of Dash Cams by now.

If you haven’t they are just what they are called; dashboard cameras that can be used to record your driving and even what occurs when your car is unattended.

Dash Cams actually first became popular in Russia, where there can be shocking accidents (particularly on icy roads) and video footage is actually preferred over witness testimonials.

While there are plenty of Russian vehicle accident videos on the web, the most surprising ones are the insurance scams, where pedestrians are willing to suffer a broken leg or arm if it means they may scam a big insurance payment. The compilation below shows people that missed out on their cash cow thanks to Dash Cams.

Are Dash Cams Legal In Australia?

In all states of Australia you have every right to video and photograph in public places. This means that Dash Cams are legal when used on public roads and car parks.

The only restriction on use of Dash Cams is when the video recorded is of people who would have reasonably expected not to be observed. This means you cannot deliberately film, or share/distribute footage of people within their home, garage or other private property areas.

The best part is that Dash Cam footage is admissible in Court, presenting an unbiased account of accidents, road rage and altercations.

Why Get A Dash Cam?

For starters, Dash Cams are highly regarded by insurance companies and the Police. The footage can help reduce investigation times by taking out a lot of the guess work and they are admissible evidence in Court.

In fact the Queensland Police have even called on those with footage of dangerous drivers to dob them in by submitting the videos.

Imagine the frustration of facing Traffic Charges when you know you weren’t at fault, all because there was no evidence to say otherwise.

But even if you’ve never been involved in an accident and don’t think you ever will (a rather bold assurance to say the least) there are plenty of other benefits in having a Dash Cam recording while you drive.

Benefits of Dash Cams

Think of these points when you consider getting a Dash Cam for your car;

Parking accidents – You can leave your Dash Cam running when you leave your car unattended in public parking spaces, busy streets or questionable neighbourhoods. If anyone hit-and-runs your parked car you’ll have their licence plate details for your insurer. Potential burglars may even reconsider your car if they see a camera in the window.

Driving accidents – Obviously the Dash Cam footage can help you out in the event of a typical motor vehicle accident. Dash footage can also help with ambiguous cases like rear fender benders. Insurance companies, without evidence to say otherwise, usually blame fender benders on those with front end damage. The video below is a perfect example of how you can avoid these mix ups.

Insurance fraud – It may not be particularly popular to dive in front of moving cars in Australia, but it would be good to have a video if it did happen.

Show off – We’ve all had one of those moments where something terrible almost happened, but we averted disaster with unprecedented ninja skills, which no one was around to see. If you have one of those one-off moments you could show everyone sitting at home on YouTube. Much like this Korean driver whose quick reflexes got him out of the path of an out of control truck.

Record your road trips – You can see some fantastic views while going on a road trip across this remarkable country. A Dash Cam will record another video for your holiday album.

The unexpected – There are so many YouTube videos of small meteorites making phenomenal displays as they shoot across the Russian skies. There are no more meteorites falling over Russia than anywhere else, there are just so many Dash Cams out there to record it. Imagine seeing a meteorite blaze across the sky, lightning strike right in front of you, or even a Yowie stroll across a rural road, and actually have the footage to back up your ‘tall tale.’

Dash Cam Safety

It’s important to remember not to fiddle with your Dash Cam while driving though. Not only is it a chargeable traffic offence, much like using your phone while driving, but it can also lead to nasty accidents. The worst part is there’d also be video evidence that the crash was your fault.