After a survey of the price and running costs of all cars released in Australia for 2014 we have a clear least expensive car of the year!

The Suzuki Alto 1.0 litre hatchback came out as the least expensive car to own and run, well ahead of diesels, hybrids, electric vehicles and LPGs. This is based on the first five years of ownership when you consider purchase price, fuel consumption, servicing and depreciation.

The next cheapest cars in order were the Holden Cruze Equipe, Volkswagen Jetta 118 TSi, Audi A4 1.8L Turbo, and the Holden VF Evoke LPG.

The important thing to consider when trying to find a cheap vehicle for yourself is not always the sticker price. Things like servicing fees, fuel consumption, parts, insurance and depreciation are extra expenses that could potentially set you back thousands.

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Paris To Ban Old Cars

The smog in Paris has become so bad that the French capital is set to start imposing heavy restrictions on diesel vehicles and cars built before 1996.

Things started getting tight last year when officials began imposing alternative driving days for motorists depending on their having odd or even licence plates. There have also been a number of incentives offered for catching public transport and car-pooling.

But now, beginning this summer all coaches, buses and trucks registered before September 30, 2001, will be banned from the centre of Paris, with similar bans on passenger cars registered before December 31, 1996, and vans and light trucks registered before September 30, 1997.

These restrictions are mostly targeted at diesel powered vehicles. French motorists have long preferred diesel engines with around 80% driving diesel powered cars. The French government is undertaking a push against these cars with increased taxes on diesel fuel.

We needn’t worry too much here in Australia. The pollution levels in Paris are more than twice that of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Diesel usage in Australia is also much lower, with only 18.5% of motorists driving diesel engines.

Uber Vs Taxi

A hot topic on the roads lately has been the debate between Uber and Taxis. While there’s a great deal of negative opinion against Uber for being “un-licenced” and “illegal”, many comparisons between the two transport options have proven to be fairly even.

An recent article on Cars Guide ran a fare test between the two companies, making the same trips throughout Melbourne in a Taxi and an Uber.

While the prices varied slightly, both came out in front as the cheaper ride as often as the other. The reviews from the passengers however consistently favoured the Uber drivers as having the cleaner car, while the Taxi drivers had the more questionable driving skills.

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