People shopping for a car are often torn between a brand new and a used vehicle, although a used vehicle is usually the cheaper option.

However, everybody forgets about the third option, which is an ex-demonstrator vehicle. This is the best of both worlds, an almost brand new car with a nice discount on top.

What Is A Demonstrator Car?

A demonstrator model also known as Demo Car is a vehicle that dealerships lend potential buyers for test-driving. It’s the model often used for TV commercials, photo shoots, and car shows.

Brand executive and sales staff also use this car model for promotional purposes. This usually mean that a demonstrator model has been driven for several hundred kilometres before it is put up for sale.

It’s a good idea to consider an ex-demonstrator model when shopping around for your next car, especially if you want to pay a little bit less.

To make sure that you’re making the right decision, consider these pros and cons of buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle.

Pros For Buying An Ex-Demo Cars

Cheaper price

When buying a car, the majority of people will naturally lean towards anything that will save them money.

That’s why you’ll look for the lowest finance rates, best car deals and the most affordable model you can get.

In which case, an ex-demonstrator vehicle is your best option, since they have already been used an ex-demonstrator vehicle is sold for a cheaper price. You can even negotiate with the dealership for the lowest price possible for these models.

Quality of a brand-new car

Although it has already been driven for several hundred kilometres, an ex-demonstrator vehicle is still in excellent condition.

Dealerships make sure that the car model for display and test drive is always in great form to entice buyers.

Buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle is like buying a used-car in term of price, but with the quality and care of a brand-new vehicle.

No need to wait

When buying a new car, you will have to place an order at the dealership. Afterwards, you’ll wait a few days for the vehicle to be delivered.

With an ex-demonstrator vehicle, this will not be the case, as soon as you pay for it and provide the required documents, you can drive away your new car with nothing else to worry about.

Advanced features

Because a demonstrator model is allotted for display, promotion, and test-driving, it’s usually fitted with the features and accessories that are only optional for brand new vehicles. These will help entice possible buyers. Buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle will, therefore, give you access to these advanced features but for a cheaper price.

Cons Against Buying An Ex-Demonstrator Model

More mileage

The first disadvantage of buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle is mileage. Some people like the idea of seeing their new car with zero kilometres on the odometer, but with an ex-demonstrator this isn’t possible since it has already been used.

Used warranty

If you buy an ex-demonstrator vehicle, don’t expect to get a five-year warranty (three years for some models) or a 100,000-kilometre cap.

A warranty period starts after the vehicle is registered. So, if the ex-demo has already been used for sampling for a year, then expect a shorter warranty coverage for it.

Only one option

Dealerships usually use just one demonstrator car for every make and model. There’s neither a colour option nor a choice of trim. You will have to settle for what the demonstrator car has to offer.

It’s technically a used car

Regardless of how clean and presentable a demonstrator vehicle is, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s already been driven and tested by many different people which means that it is basically a used car in excellent condition.

Tips for buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle

Based on these pros and cons of buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle, it can be a good option for a car, right?

Before you head to the dealership, follow these tips to make sure that you’ll be making the right decision.

1. Compare the price with a brand-new car

Just like when buying a used car, you must also do your research when buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle.

Find out the actual price of the brand-new version of the same model with the same features. Compare it with the price of the ex-demo model. With this, you’ll know right away if it’s a potentially good deal.

But never decide on a few thousand dollars difference, which you can easily get with brand new cars during the end of financial year sales or other dealership promotions.

Also, remember to check if the ex-demo vehicle is of the previous year’s model. If so, the price should have a significant difference compared to the current model.

Don’t be swayed easily and forced into making a hasty decision. Take time to learn everything first before making your move.

2. Consider the mileage

Even if the price seems to make it a good deal, buying an ex-demonstrator vehicle shouldn’t be that easy, you need to consider how far has the car travelled already.

An average private car in Australia runs at least 15,000 kilometres per year and you to even think about buying the ex-demo, it should be way below this number. If not, then you have to think twice or thrice before signing the purchase order.

3. Get help from your trusted mechanic

If you think the odometer reading is satisfactory, then there’s one more thing to do which is getting help from a mechanic to do a close inspection on the ex-demo.

Why? Because unknown to consumers, ex-demonstrator vehicles may have been abused by inexperienced test-drivers, careless sales staff, and boasting executives.

Worse still, the car may have been involved in a minor accident during a test drive. The more knowledge you can gain about a vehicle before you purchase, the more bargaining power you have.

By getting help to inspect the ex-demo model, you’ll be able to confirm if the brakes, suspension, clutches, tyres, and engine are still in satisfactory condition.

If the vehicle is deemed to be in good working order, then buying the ex-demonstrator model now make sense.

Purchase an Ex-Demonstrator Car On Financing

If you have decided that purchasing an ex-demonstrator model car is the right choice for you, then your next step is to secure a car loan.

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