Buying a car is an exciting time, no matter when you do it. The joy of bringing home a new car, whether it’s a large family SUV for travelling or a reliable hot hatch for city drives, is always exhilarating. But however excited you might be, never hasten to the dealerships. Instead, wait for some specific times and dates of the year, which can save thousands of dollars on your car purchase.

Read on and you’ll find the best time to buy a car from a dealership.

End of month or quarter

Salesmen have monthly and quarterly sales targets. With the bonuses awaiting them on top of the huge commissions, they are very keen to achieve these targets. By timing your purchase well at the end of the month or quarter, it’s possible to drive away a new car at a discounted price because the sales staff is more than willing to cut the prices just to close the deal, and claim their bonuses.

This is also true for the dealerships, who will receive a huge manufacturer bonus if they can hit a certain car sales target. Hence, they give discounts even to the extent of possible sales loss just to get this bonus.

End of year

The few days before the new year is a great time for a car purchase whether for personal or business use. Aside from being the end of the month and the year’s 4th quarter, it’s also the dealerships’ last chance to sell car models of the current year. When January comes, most car buyers will wait for the new models. Sales will unlikely be any good. So, you can expect the dealerships to give out great deals and discounts before New Year’s Eve to pump up sales while they can.

End of the financial year

Most dealerships in Australia start their new financial year in June. But before reaching another car sale season, they want to make sure that the current year closes strongly by hitting their targets and boosting the sales figures.

That’s why at the end of the financial year is also the best time to buy a car from the dealership. You can get, not just price discounts, but better car sale deals that may include some perks like extended warranty, additional accessories (floor mats, headlamp protectors, window tinting, etc.), and free roadside assistance. Businesses can also benefit from an end of financial year purchase as tax return can be claimed sooner.

Model runs out

The months leading to the release of a new car model is also the best time to buy a car from a dealership. During this time, you can expect salesmen to push the outgoing model to the buyers and they’ll listen to any bargain just to close the deal. New car models arrive in Australia at different months of the year.  So, make sure to watch out for these releases as they are your best chance to score a discounted car.

Sales & promotions

Dealerships do yearly sales & promotions to rid of old models and increase their car sales. Some brands do this as well to market some specific models. If you can’t wait for the month-end or year-end to buy a car, then find the dealerships near you who are doing these promotions. Check their websites, or better yet, visit their locations. You can trust that the cars on display have discounted prices with additional freebies.

Car Financing with Aussie Car Loans

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