Consistent servicing of your car is important to ensure it runs problem free and doesn’t cost you a fortune in repairs later down the line. Every day your car is exposed to heat, dust, bumps and constant friction. These forces can cause deterioration pressure and wear on the many moving parts in your vehicle.

Your car is probably your most valuable asset after your home, and just like your home you have to maintain it regularly to ensure it remains valuable. A good mechanic once said, “Spending a bit now on your service is a lot cheaper than an engine rebuild in the future”.

So with this in mind we’ve listed some of the main reasons to service your car regularly:

Seven great reasons why you should have your vehicle serviced regularly

  • A well-tuned engine consumes less fuel and helps the environment by producing less emissions.
  • Engine oil becomes dirty. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure moving engine parts are well lubricated.
  • Leaking oil or other fluids can damage other parts of your car. This can lead to an expensive repair bill in the future.
  • Brakes must be maintained to ensure safety.
  • Correct tyre pressure will extend the life of your tyres and prevent punctures.
  • Steering and suspension components should be checked to extend their life.
  • Regular Log Book servicing is a key consideration of someone buying a vehicle. Make sure your servicing is up to date to get a better price when you sell your vehicle.

So keep your car servicing up to date and we wish you safe and happy motoring from the team at Aussie Car Loans.