There’s plenty of misinformation out there regarding Novated Car Leasing and we wanted to set the record straight for you by debunking these 4 myths.

Myth 1. Novated leases are tricky

Not true: Once you complete the initial paperwork the lease payment is taken from the employee’s pre-tax income which can be automated.

Myth 2. You have to buy a new car

Not true: You can opt to buy a used car but generally the car shouldn’t be 8 to 10 years old at the end of the lease.

Myth 3. Only for people on high salaries

Not true: Novated leases can actually help people save money due to reducing the amount they are charged on their pre-tax income. As long as your tax rate is below the Fringe Tax Benefit (FTB) you are in the clear.

Myth 4. The Employer is the Guarantor

Not true: The Employee is responsible for making payments even if the employee leaves the business. The lease is portable so it moves with the employee.

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