We couldn’t imagine anything worse than packing up the car, getting on the road early and then breaking down because you haven’t run through these quick tips before hitting the road on your Summer Holiday.

These are just a few simple checks that you should be able to complete yourself at home:

Car checks:

Check your tyres for adequate tread and pump them up to the recommended pressure – make sure you do this for your spare tyre too!

  • Check wiper blades are working – follow these steps if you need to replace them.
  • Turn your car on and ask a friend to walk around and make sure that your head, brake and tail lights are working.

Engine checks:

  • Fill the windscreen wiper bottle and add the additive as this will help your wipers get rid of bugs and dust that can build up.
  • Check that the battery is securely in place
  • Check your oil levels and if too low fill to the line on your dipstick.
  • When your engine is cool check the coolant levels and fill with coolant if needed.
  • Check your Engine Warning gauges by turning the ignition half way to make sure the lights flash up and then turning the ignition completely on to make sure they disappear.

Make sure you have these 11 things in your car but also snacks, games for the kids, phone charger and a map in case technology fails you.

You can’t control weather conditions, traffic or unexpected delays (like multiple bathroom breaks) but you can make sure your car is in tip top working order so you get to your destination safely and quickly!