Many car brands are more than dependable yet there are quite a few lemons that you might want to be careful of.

From Ford to Ferrari, Toyota to Volvo, the automotive market of Australia is vibrant and filled with numerous options. Nevertheless, some cars are way better compared to others in terms of reliability. Here’s how to separate the good ones from the lemons.

The vehicle reliability study

Thus, American automotive research company JD Power conducts a yearly survey of over 30,000 motorists to look for the most unreliable and reliable cars. This is based on the number of problems encountered per 100 cars of that particular brand compared to the average of 136 problems per 100 cars.

The vehicle reliability study of JD Powers determines the number of issues that owners have reported regarding their three-year-old vehicles.

In the 2020 survey, however, the survey respondents confirmed an average of 134 problems per 100 cars. Among 32 brands, Genesis topped the most reliable car brand list while Land Rover was at the number one position for most unreliable car brands this year.

Moreover, JD Power gathered responses from a sample size of 36,555 car owners form the 2017 model year, determining reliability several years into ownership.

Most unreliable car brands of 2020

Here are the top 10 unreliable vehicle brands that are beyond the industry average of 134 problems per 100 vehicles.

  • Land Rover– 220 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Chrysler- 214 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Jaguar- 186 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Volvo- 185 problems per 100 vehicles
  • GMC- 160 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Fiat- 160 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Jeep- 159 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Dodge- 158 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Infiniti- 155 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Subaru- 150 problems per 100 vehicles


Most reliable car brands of 2020

According to JD Power, cars have become more reliable at the moment. This is because owners of three-year-old vehicles have reported lesser issues on their vehicles now compared to its 31-year history of vehicle reliability study.

Here are the 10 most reliable car brands of 2020, according to JD Power. Again, such car brands were compared to an industry average of 134 problems per 100 vehicles:

  • Genesis- 89 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Lexus- 100 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Buick- 103 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Porsche- 104 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Toyota- 113 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Volkswagen- 116 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Lincoln- 119 problems per 100 vehicles
  • BMW- 123 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Chevrolet- 123 problems per 100 vehicles
  • Ford- 126 problems per 100 vehicles

Nevertheless, this ranking is according to customer perception or sentiment and not only on problems per 100 cars. JD Powers specified “problems” as anything involving car aesthetics and features like repairs and maintenance needed, the construction quality of the vehicle, and the entertainment system, among others.

Some car owners are also more demanding compared to others. As such, new model releases with unfamiliar and new features might also lead to changes in the rankings of JD Power.

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